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Cars From Latvia

Almost every motorist takes his car with tenderness and love.
What can we say about the auto-lady! Wrong was the one who insisted that the car - just transportation. Oh, not right!

For this auto-lady car - it is much more. This is a second home, and loyal friend and a source of pride, and often, and the most powerful tool for stress and all of life's troubles. But everyone knows how to properly care for a car?

Of course, the true auto-lady takes care of his "iron horse" and sees to it that it is always "Umyt" and "fed". But everything is done right? How to stop the annoying errors and ignorance, not to hurt her the most-the best car in the world?

How not to be trapped?

Sadly, most of the auto-lady sooner or later fall into a very difficult situation: it is obvious that the car is something wrong, but what - is not clear. And next, as evil, is not anyone who can help and give. What to do in this case? The answer would seem obvious - to go to the car wash. There - specialists. Let them sort it.

All this is true ... if any one problem - unfortunately, many of the service center said a girl, clearly does not understand the device, the car, "fair game." Without the slightest embarrassment, you can issue an invoice for a tidy sum for "penny" work. How to make sure that you do not cheat?

The answer is simple: we must not be lazy, to call back in one or two service centers and to compare the results of diagnosis.

Coincidence? Well, then, failure is really serious. Nothing can be done - will have to "fork". And, in general, try to regularly as recommended by the manufacturer of your car, take THAT. Then the problem will be much less.

The "feed" the car?

Ironically, quite a number of auto-lady is sure that if the "feed" their "horse" the best - and therefore the most expensive - gasoline, he will soon "run."

What do these numbers - 92, 95, 98? It seems that for many, it is no longer a secret - they mean the octane number of gasoline. Most likely, not all understand the meaning, but almost everyone knows that the higher the octane rating, the more expensive gasoline. How to take care of the car? Does it work in this case, the logic - the more expensive the better?

Unfortunately, no. Quality of gasoline does not affect the speed. But on the condition of the car affects very seriously. The best "food" for your machine - it's the one recommended in its user guide. After all, it was under this Petrol fuel system of your vehicle. And the best thing you can do - to follow these recommendations.

There is another problem - unscrupulous owners and employees of petrol stations. How to protect yourself from them? Alas, to check the quality of gasoline at a particular gas station you probably will not. So the only way - is to talk to several "avid" car owners and learn on what stations they are charged with. Select two or three "friends", proven filling and try to use only their services.

How to choose the right parts to replace?

A little earlier or a little later, but all motorists - and auto-lady is no exception! - Face the fact that some parts of the car must be replaced. Even as simple as filters or spark. And there is sometimes a temptation to save money. Well, in fact - it's something easy! Maybe you can buy these "little things" cheaper?

Buy something, of course, you can. But there is a possibility that because of these "little things" have been affected by other, more "serious" and the relevant details of your car. And then have to pay for the repairs is much higher amounts. This is exactly the case, about which they say: "miser pays twice."

How to care for a car?

If you are not sure you can make the right choice, it is better to ask for advice from an experienced person. Moreover, it is desirable that he was not interested in your additional costs. Maybe it's time to have to get "his" car mechanic?

Today, car washes are, literally, everywhere. And this service is readily available. Therefore, most people prefer to trust their car professionals. But what kind of sink you choose?

All types of car washes can be divided into manual, mechanical and non-contact. What are their differences?

The main advantage is the quality of hand washing. Neither machine will not do the job as a man. All this is certainly true. Without taking into account the notorious "human factor." And really, how can you be sure that the employee did not wash lazy, not a beginner and do not hack? True, you can control the process and, if necessary, to correct an inexperienced worker. Still not convinced? Then choose the automatic.

In addition to the manual you'll likely be offered a choice of mechanical (contact) or contactless car wash. What is the difference between these methods?

In contact car wash washed in a special automated line. First, the machine is applied auto shampoo. The tool then washed with mud with brushes that rotate at very high speeds.

This method allows you to wash clean any "slut." But, unfortunately, have a mechanical cleaning and disadvantage. Despite the fact that the brushes are made of special soft material, with frequent use of this type of washing machine can paint damaged.

Touchless car wash is still relatively recent. The main difference is that your car will not rub brushes and sponges. So scratches in the process of washing is practically excluded. Incidentally, this is why this method of cleaning is recommended for dark colored cars. Indeed, on the surface are very visible, even the smallest scratch.

How it happens? The car is put foam. This is done with the help of special equipment - or penopistoleta foamer. The foam was allowed to stand for 3-4 minutes, then wash off with clean water, which is supplied at high pressure. The whole process takes about 10-15 minutes. The problem is that strong, "stubborn" contamination can not be washed.

Sink "on their own"

If you are one of those motorists who do not want to trust anyone his beauty, then there is the other - by the way, less expensive - way back machine "former splendor." You can wash it yourself. Basically - nothing complicated.

How to take care of the car and that it is necessary to know? Car Wash can not use detergent or other cleaning supplies - just a special cosmetics. All dirt must be washed off with water - if you wipe the machine with a dry cloth, then it can be scratched.

Your machine will trust you. She - the best, and therefore worthy of good care. And if you take care of her, she will never let you down in a difficult moment.

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